This is a great question. I'm glad you asked it.

There are so many amazing Berg pedal Go Karts it's sometimes difficult to make a choice.

If you have a limited budget, if you like riding off-road, if you're 2 years old, or indeed if your 50 years old, we have a Berg pedal kart just for you.


Quality Pedal Karts On A Budget

Are you looking for an entry level kart while not sacrificing quality, durability and fun?

Look no further than the BERG BUZZY Yellow or BERG BUZZY Nitro if your child is aged between 2 and 5. These karts sell for just $185.

Alternatively, a BERG BUDDY Orange at $430 makes the perfect gift for kids aged between 3 and 8 years of age.


Adult Pedal Go Karts

Pedal Karts are suitable for both adults and kids. Here are just some of the karts we sell that are suitable for adults:

  • Berg X-plore
  • Berg Safari
  • Berg Jeep

Why not attach a passenger seat and create the ultimate experience for you and your child.

Adult pedal go kart

BERG Off-Road Go Karts

Racing through mud or off-road in the hills? Nothing is too much for these BERG Off-road go-karts. You would rather get off the beaten track and head for the woods, racing through the mud and across rough terrain.

Off-road go-karts are available in different sizes and for every age. There is a sturdy off-road go-kart for the smallest and biggest adventurer.