Adult Pedal Go Kart – The BERG X-plorer Is Built for Family Fun

One common question we get from customers is “Do you have Adult Go-Karts?”.

And the answer is YES. We have a whole range of Berg pedal Karts that are suitable for adults.

In this post, we are going to highlight just one of these pedal karts – The BERG x-plorer.

The BERG x-plorer is can be used by adults and children of an age greater than 5 years. As such it is a great family pedal kart as Mum, Dad or any of the kids can rip around the place.

With the BERG Xplorer, you’ll discover true off-road driving. The BERG X-plorer go-kart allows you to access off-road hard to get to places. This pedal kart is ideal for the true adventurer who isn’t afraid of a little mud.

And check out the passenger seat below for a great idea. The seat can fil on the BERG x-plorer to produce hours of fun and adventure for both you and your child.


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