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Pedal Go Kart – What a Great Great Christmas Kids Gift!

Many parents start Christmas or birthday shopping for their child with the same old questions spinning in their heads: “The children have most toys, what else can we buy them?” “What will surprise?” “What is value for money?” “What will encourage more outside play?” “What’s around that is different & cool?” It can be a…

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christmas gifts kids

Perfect Christmas Gifts For Kids

Christmas is coming! It’s never too early to get a jump start on the coolest gift for kid’s this Christmas. If you are looking for a great kid’s gift idea, look no further. A BERG pedal go-kart is the perfect Christmas gift! Stand out from the crowd this Christmas with a cool BERG go-cart. BERG…

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Pedal Go Karts – Use Layby & Spread Your Payments

There are many brands of pedal go-karts on the market however, it is widely known that BERG is the ultimate in pedal go-karts. Inspiring active play, BERG stands for quality, durability & fun. The hardest decision is which BERG go-cart to choose! Craftsmanship, design & innovation are the ingredients with which BERG distinguishes itself in…

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Berg Pedal Go-Kart Hire….A Great School Holiday Activity

School holidays are nearly here!  Want to avoid your kids being glued to their screens for the next couple of weeks? Get outside and enjoy the winter sunshine these school holidays…head out to Pedal Play go-kart hire at Whiteman Park to get them out and about. Today Tonight certainly agrees that Pedal Play Go Karts…

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Pedal Play carts for School & Vacation Care Incursion

Looking for an incursion activity to engage children of all ages? If you want a fun, safe & different incursion activity for your school or vacation centre Pedal Play go-kart hire is for you. Pedal go-karting is a great value incursion activity that is fun for all. This is a low-risk activity that will have…

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Pimp your BERG Pedal Go Kart!

Once you have found your perfect pedal go-kart, you can make it look even cooler & have even more fun! Pedal Play has all kinds of BERG accessories to ‘pimp’ your pedal go-kart. Passenger seat – Adventures are experienced together! You can easily fit a passenger seat behind the driver’s seat on any large BERG…

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Pedal Play & BERG…Every Child Deserves A BERG Pedal Kart

BERG pedal go-karts are developed, designed and built with the greatest of care. A BERG pedal go-kart is unique. There are three core values for every BERG pedal go-kart: safety, quality, and of course fun! Brakes Each pedal go-kart is fitted with a coaster brake. All BERG pedal go-karts (from age 5+) have a built-in BFR…

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Business Opportunities – Great Income & ROI

Why not set up your own rental point? Pedal Play & Berg can offer you a new and exciting business opportunity, guaranteeing good income and return on investment. BERG’s versatile outdoor products are used in the recreational sector all over the world. BERG go-karts as an attraction on your campsite, farm stay or tourist park…

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BERG Pedal Kart

Why Choose BERG?

Outdoor fun with BERG for every child! BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling pedal go-karts. Craftsmanship, design and innovation are the ingredients with which BERG distinguishes itself in the market. BERG products are robust and quality guaranteed. BERG makes durable, timeless products that need very little maintenance. BERG products…

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New to the BERG Buzzy range (2-5 years)

Learning to pedal has never been so easy with the BERG Buzzy. There is a BERG Buzzy to suit every personality and environment! The adjustable steering wheel/handlebar and seat means this go-kart is suitable for children 2-5 years, guaranteeing years of fun. The BERG Buzzy direct drive system helps you pedal with little effort, even…

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