Pedal Go Kart – What a Great Great Christmas Kids Gift!

Many parents start Christmas or birthday shopping for their child with the same old questions spinning in their heads:

  • “The children have most toys, what else can we buy them?”
  • “What will surprise?”
  • “What is value for money?”
  • “What will encourage more outside play?”
  • “What’s around that is different & cool?”

It can be a frustrating process. However, the good news is that you need to look no further than Berg go-karts.

BERG pedal go-karts are a great alternative gift to a push bike, scooter or any other Fun Wheels toy.

We all know that kids have tons of energy, so what better way to burn it off with the best kid toy…a BERG pedal go-kart.

Not only will they have a blast while on the go, but they can stay fit & get the exercise they need. What a choice!

BERG go karts are striking, flashy & cool! You will find a great BERG go-kart for the very young, but also for the older kids or adults!

BERG is rightfully the ultimate pedal go-kart specialist.

A BERG go kart is robust, it has to be as once your child gets a BERG kart they won’t want to get off! BERG prioritise safety in their design, go karts are tested rigorously for safety.

Let’s get physical thanks to the innovations of BERG to inspire active play.

So if you are looking for a stand-out kid’s gift for Christmas or your child’s birthday look no further than Pedal Play – Australia’s leading partner of BERG pedal go-karts.

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