BERG pedal go-karts are developed, designed and built with the greatest of care. A BERG pedal go-kart is unique. There are three core values for every BERG pedal go-kart: safety, quality, and of course fun!


Each pedal go-kart is fitted with a coaster brake. All BERG pedal go-karts (from age 5+) have a built-in BFR mechanism. BFR stands for: Brake, Freewheel, (and) Reverse. This is a unique mechanism that ensures you can keep the pedals still while the wheels are turning. To ensure that you can stop more rapidly, all large pedal go-karts (from age 5+) also have a handbrake. Extra braking power in no time. You are in control!


The four wheels ensure the pedal go-kart is firmly grounded. The swing axle keeps the wheels of the pedal go-kart on the ground, even on bumpy surfaces. Nice and stable!


You will find no sharp edges on your BERG pedal go-kart. The care taken when building a BERG pedal go-kart ensures a safe finish and you can let your kids tear around the neighbourhood without any worries.


BERG go-karts last a lifetime. Quality and sustainability are therefore enormously important. Berg go-karts are tested extensively. BERG makes durable, timeless products that need very little maintenance. Read below how BERG guarantees quality and sustainability.

Adjustable seat and steering wheel

The adjustable seat and/or steering wheel enables the go-kart to grow with you. The seat is easy to adjust without the use of tools (except for the Buzzy range). You can also adjust the steering wheel of a BERG Go-kart. Years of playtime fun guaranteed!


Every detail of the go-kart has been well thought out, which adds to the quality! The wheels are mounted, which makes them rotate lightly. Together with the swing axle, the wheels ensure good roadholding. The wheels have rubber tyres and are specially designed for the most comfortable driving experience.


Stainless steel, smooth welding seams, a thick tubular frame with impact resistant powder coating all form the basis of a robust and solid go-kart! Moreover, the chain and pedals are already mounted on the frame, so all parts are firmly secured to the go-kart.


BERG products are of excellent quality. Warranty on all BERG products is therefore standard practice. Additional warranty? Register your BERG Go-kart online within one month of purchase. You will then receive an additional warranty of up to five years on your BERG go-kart (see terms & conditions