Once you have found your perfect pedal go-kart, you can make it look even cooler & have even more fun! Pedal Play has all kinds of BERG accessories to ‘pimp’ your pedal go-kart.

Passenger seat - Adventures are experienced together! You can easily fit a passenger seat behind the driver’s seat on any large BERG Pedal Go Kart (without any tools). Fun for two on the pedal go-kart!

Roll bar - A roll bar will make your BERG Pedal Go Kart look even cooler. The great thing is that you can also attach a flashing light to the roll bar. Cool!

Spare wheel - A spare wheel on the back of your pedal Go Kart looks supercool, especially on a BERG Off-road pedal go-kart! Not only does it look cool, it is also very handy. If you ever find yourself with a flat tyre, you will be well prepared.

Trailers – Have even more outdoor fun... whether you are carting away branches, taking a picnic on your adventure or transporting toys there is a BERG trailer for every go-kart! Your BERG go-kart & BERG trailer means you can take on any task or adventure! Find them here.

Safety first - Make sure you are seen on your BERG Pedal Go Kart with lamps, a flashing light or a flag. They will make you more visible and it will complete your pedal go-kart. Add fun & drama to your go-kart with a siren & megaphone.

License plate kit – Put the finishing touch to your BERG Go Kart by adding a license plate. Available for the large BERG go-kart only.